Albion Park & Gerringong

Fear Reduction Practices

At Albion Park & Gerringong Vet Hospitals we strongly believe in practicing fear reduction handling and principles. Listed below are some of the routines we have implemented to reduce stress and anxiety in our patients.

  • Using techniques such as gentle handling, calm voice and movements, minimal table time, a grippy surface or a soft blanket and distraction with treats.
  • We can dispense anti-anxiety medication to give your pet before their arrival, to reduce the fear response and allow a gentler visit for pet and owner.
  • If your pet is more comfortable outside we can offer consultations out of the clinic if needed. If they don’t enjoy the mixed waiting room we can also offer prompt admission to the consult room – just let us know when you arrive for your visit.
  • For especially anxious pets in for surgery we offer pre-operative sedation with Owners present prior to admission.
  • Early discharge for routine surgical patients with anxiety.
  • For new puppies, puppy preschool is an excellent way to get your pup used to our clinic. It is held in the clinic after hours and creates a positive association with the practice. We also discuss behaviour topics during the class.
  • Our hospital treatment area has separate cat, dog and unusual pet wards and anxious hospital patients will be given anti-anxiety medication to minimise stress during their treatment.
  • We routinely use Feliway™ spray in our cat ward to help reduce stress with our feline patients.
Please talk to us when booking your appointment to let us know if your pet is fearful at the vets.