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February: Crazy Cat Month

Calling all self proclaimed crazy cat people! This blog is for you! As you know, “doctor Google” is a great resource to use when you have questions about your fury puritos and need an answer ASAP. However, is “doctor Google” accurate? Not usually…and that is where we come in. These days, most cats are strictly indoor cats and there are a number of reasons as to why this is the case. Not only does keeping them indoors keep them safer but it also keeps them healthier. Outdoor cats are prone to contracting all types of diseases that we can’t vaccinate for. Toxoplasmosis, Cat Scratch Disease and many more can be serious and potentially fatal. Not to mention cat fight abscess’ and injuries…the list goes on! As for the cats who are already outdoors, if you wish to change them to an indoor cat only, ensure you have adequate enrichment and do this transition over time. It is important to make your feline companion want to stay inside by giving plenty of reasons to want to be there. Sometimes it is hard getting them to adjust to their new environment but with time they will be just fine.

Preventative Health

While on the topic of your fluffy friend we want to mention worming . Worming your cat is just as important as vaccinating them. Worming your cat will cover them for roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm and heart worm. Even if your cat is an indoor cat they will still need to be wormed as we can bring larvae and eggs inside from the outdoor environment. You can also treat your cat for Fleas and Ticks! This is especially important for outdoor cats as both fleas and tick are everywhere, including your backyard.

Short Story

Introducing “PURDY” a short haired FEMALE ginger cat who came in as an emergency last month. Purdy was experiencing a severe head tilt and was “crocodile rolling”. Her owners rushed her in to see us and after some required testing Purdy was diagnosed with having a Cerebrovascular event (similar to having a stroke). Poor Purdy was rolling all over the place and had one very enlarged pupil. After providing the diagnosis to Purdy’s owners, they decided to continue treatment and give Purdy the best chance of recovery! Fast forward to February and Purdy is looking fabulous! Her head tilt is a lot better and she is no longer crocodile rolling all over the place!

She is eating, drinking and has almost made a full recovery! YAY PURDY! We are currently seeing Purdy monthly to make sure she is doing well and maintaining a healthy weight. We can’t wait to see her at her next appointment next month!

If your pet is having a medical emergency, please phone us immediately or call us on the way. We are open Monday-Friday 8-7pm and Saturday 9-4pm. It is important to know your pets normal behaviour so you can determine if your pet requires veterinary attention.

Lastly, this month we will be running a CRAZY CAT pet of the month competition on our Facebook page! Be sure to keep an eye out and comment a pic of your cat on the post! Have a great February!